'Spring!' Is In the Air

 I stepped out of our home early this morning just to breathe in the dawning moments of the day when, unexpectedly, it struck me, 'Spring!'

There was something about the very smell of the air, whether in something which is budding or blooming, something in the nearing weather system that my arthritis is pinging on, or something of the very day itself, my mind just instantly nearly yelled the word, 'Spring!', and I was transported back to when I was a kid growing up on our family dairy farm. As I stood outside our home this morning, my heart transported me to the twelve year old boy standing at the water hydrant waiting for a five gallon bucket to fill with water to be carried to the calves. It was there this morning's air was first consciously thought of as 'Spring!', overflowing with the sound of robins, cardinals, redwings, finches and blackbirds singing at the top of their lungs, layered with nearby wheat fields greening and pastures rising out of dormancy. It was there the skies seemed filled with clouds and vapor trails as they were this morning. It was there my senses first told me of the mysteries of God's universe without me ever fully understanding or appreciating it - then my soul gave that sensual moment a name which has never left me over all these years and decades, 'Spring!'
Spring is not so much about a day as it is of the Spirit. Spring sharpens our capacity to listen and heightens our sense of attentiveness. Spring tingles our nostrils and teases our definitions of delight. Spring elevates a young child's awareness of creation and leans them forward in excited longing for what may be next. Spring . . . is God waking us up after a long Winter's sleep and giving our feet reason to touch the floor and seek God's direction in the Season breaking in upon us. 'Spring!' . . . is the blessed discovery which met me as I stepped out the door this morning, causing my deepest memories to rise in joy all over again. 
Yes, there may be a few more days of Winter around, snow may fly, freezing may occur, yet we have clearly reached a time when such bitterness will inevitably be short-lived as the length of the sun's light expands and the width of night seemingly diminishes. Spring is tapping on the eyelids of our oft-unseeing eyes and lithely steeping the oxygen with a wonder undefinable in human standards. We have just to receive of the Gift, to bask in the enchantment of the Giver, and to give thanks for the nudge which calls us to Life again and again and again.
Of such as 'Spring!' is every Sabbath in Lent - and of such as 'Spring!' is the Resurrection which summons us beyond Winter's worst being left at the door of an empty tomb. Just look around and see, take in the air and savor it, 'Spring!' is emerging at God's behest - and creation announces the Truth for all who would believe.
Something to ponder on the journey.

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